20's Plenty for Kendal


Facts & Briefings

Fact sheets and briefing are available on a wide range of topics connected with 20mph limits on our national site at www.20splentyforus.org.uk/briefings.htm

20's Plenty for Kendal is campaigning for all current 30mph speed limits in Kendal to be changed to 20mph.


20's Plenty for Kendal believes that a general 20mph limit in Kendal will save lives, reduce the number and severity of collisions, reduce pollution and be good for Kendal's community and economy.


At 20mph the risk of death is 7 times less than at 30mph. If reacting and braking at 30mph, a driver's car is still travelling at 24mph in the time it takes to react and stop completely from 20mph.


The way children's eye sight develops means that up to the age of 11 they cannot accurately judge speeds over 20mph.


20mph speed limits are nothing new; nearly 13 million people already live in 20mph areas in the UK. Public support typically runs at 60% in favour prior to implimentation, and support has increased within communities once it's introduced.  


We are not calling for physical traffic calming or punitive, costly enforcement. Compliance with wide area limits is achieved through public support, coupled with soft measures including social disaproval, compliant vehicles speed-limiting other traffic, driver education and community speed-watch projects. Cumbria Police are likely to maintain their current level of speed enforcement.


Most people, most of the time, stick roughly to the  30mph limit without plysical measures or punitive enforcement. We believe that most people, most of the time will stick roughly to 20mph limits. And that'll be great for Kendal, and great for you.